Staying Connected…

How do you stay connected on the go?

After becoming a flight attendant one of the biggest changes that I noticed was how hard it is to keep in contact with family and friends!

Between our unconventional schedules, differing time zones, and not always having service it can be challenging to let those you love know that you are safe, alive and that you miss them.

The easiest and most efficient way to keep in contact is definitely picking up the phone and calling. Nowadays it is so overrated, but sometimes just hearing someone’s voice for a couple of minutes makes a world of difference. I know my family doesn’t always pick up the phone for one reason or another, so leaving a cute voicemail also does the trick. They can save the voicemail and play it over and over.

Another quick and easy method to keep in contact is texting. I know we get in the rut of meaning to text and then letting the day get away from us. So next time someone or anyone crosses your mind, send that text ASAP. You may not get another chance later!

When it comes to the conventional methods of communicating I realized that sticking to a schedule helped me. I put a reminder in my phone to remember to update friends and family on where I am, how I am doing, and when I may see them next. I know it sounds crazy, but trust me without the reminder I could potentially go days with reaching out because I get so busy.

Now onto more creative way to keep in contact with loved ones!

I absolutely love grabbing postcards from the different cities I am visiting. Write a quick note about something I did, or something I want to do there and send it out. It is a relatively inexpensive, fun way to keep in contact and also keep the recipient in the loop of where your journey is taking you.

Make sure your loved ones are in the know about where and what you are up too, it means so much to them!

So tell me how do you stay connected?