101 Things in 1001 Days

I have been inspired by Mackenzie Horan of Design Darling to do the 101 in 1001 challenge.

Essentially, list 101 things that you want to accomplish in 1001 days.

The goals can range from personal, career, finance, or life related. (Pretty much anything!)

So get to it!

Start: Jan 31st, 2018

End: October 28th, 2020

Message me your list!!! I want to see your goals!

  1. Start a 101 list. (March 2018)
  2. Become a Flight Attendant  (July 2018)
  3. Visit Europe.
  4. Visit Africa.
  5. Visit Asia.
  6. Go back to Australia.
  7. Complete Flight Attendant Training. (June 2018)
  8. Start a travel blog. (Jan. 2018)
  9. Collab with another blogger.
  10. Collab with a company. (March 2019, Frank Body)
  11. Do a travel based giveaway. (April 2018)
  12. Get blog business cards. (Feb 2018)
  13. Read 100 books.
  14. Buy a Apple Mac Book Pro.
  15. Clean out my phone.
  16. Visit a state I havent been to before. (Washington State July 2018)
  17. Attend a travel network event.
  18. Attend a blogger event.
  19. Throw out 50 things and do not replace them.
  20. Take a workout class.
  21. Attend a Yankees game.
  22. Attend a Patriots game.
  23. Take my sister to a Broadway play.
  24. Get a Sony Alpha 6000 camera.
  25. Buy a drone.
  26. Volunteer.
  27. Donate clothes to charity. (Buffalo Exchange and Thred Up)
  28. Go 6 months without shopping.
  29. Unplug completely for 24 hours.
  30. Donate blood.
  31. Donate money to a cause. March 2018(Special need family my sister works for needed car seats for their kids)
  32. Set up a photoshoot for my entire family.
  33. Participate on a travel panel.
  34. Create Shosh Meets Worlds Instagram templates
  35. Create Shosh Meets World city guides.
  36. Go Skiing.
  37. Go to a music festival.
  38. Go camping.
  39. Make a vlog for Youtube. (January 2019)
  40. Do Vlogmas on Youtube.
  41. See an NBA game.
  42. Start an interview series on the blog.
  43. Do an instagram live. (April 2018)
  44. Buy another Louis Vuitton leather good (April 2018)
  45. Buy a Gucci item. (July 2018)
  46. Do a Flight Attendant meet up.
  47. Visit the Guggenheim.
  48. Visit the MOMA
  49. See a concert.
  50. Have a spa day.
  51. Redefine my style esthetic.
  52. Upgrade to a business account on WordPress.
  53. Be featured on another travel blog.
  54. Be featured in print.
  55. Do another polar bear plunge. (January 2019)
  56. Dress up for Halloween.
  57. Visit St. Lawrence University.
  58. Walk the High Line.
  59. Attend a FOHR workshop.
  60. Host a J.Crew event.
  61. Visit the Botanical Garden.
  62. Visit the Statue of Liberty.
  63. Get 5 people to make a 101 in 1001 list.Yessenia April 2018
  64. Host a friendsgiving.
  65. Host a holiday party.
  66. Save $10k.
  67. Invest in the stock market.
  68. Go apple picking.
  69. Go to a pumpkin patch.
  70. Go Ice skating.
  71. Buy a pair of Loubs.
  72. Start a consistent skin care routine.
  73. Try Soul Cycle.
  74. Make a 4 course meal.
  75. Get a world tattoo.
  76. Get a plane tattoo.
  77. Get paid for a collab.
  78. Do a collab with Shellanna James Makeup.
  79. Do a collab with Lemon Drops and Blue Jeans
  80. Do a collab with Susan Lynn Style
  81. Go Scuba Diving.
  82. Get the Go Pro 6.
  83. Get 5000 followers on Instagram.
  84. Get 1000 followers on Twitter.
  85. Get 1000 followers on Youtube.
  86. Visit 5 islands I haven’t before.(Cuba April 2018 Iceland September 2018)
  87. Buy myself a Cartier LOVE bracelet or ring.
  88. Become 100% debt free.
  89. Save a year in my emergency fund.
  90. Go on month without takeout.
  91. Take an aerial yoga class.
  92. Do a Selfless Me 30 day series
  93. Get my credit score above 800.
  94. See the 7 Wonders of the World.
  95. Take a road trip.
  96. Host an Instagram takeover.
  97. Attend an Instagram meetup.
  98. Spend a holiday not at home. (Christmas 2018)
  99. Buy my sister a luxury bag.
  100. Get professional headshots
  101. Celebrate 1,2,& 3 years of Shosh Meets World!

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