Am I Afraid?

Yesterday when most people heard about the engine failure on the Southwest flight, I received some calls and messages asking “Am I afraid?”.

Simple response “No”.

My love and passion for aviation will always transcend any fear that may creep up.

I also reminded friends and family when I worked in the rental car business, that every time they saw a car crash they didn’t ask whether or not I was afraid then… so why now?

No matter what field you are in there is always a risk you take.
No field is 100% safe.

I commend the amazing pilot and her crew for their bravery and professionalism, throughout that ordeal.

Extra love for Pilot Tammie Jo Shults (She is an American Hero).

I cant wait to be 35,000 feet up in the air among these talented, trained, selfless individuals!!!

Catch me at take off…

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