Mother Daughter Birthday Trip

Growing up my mother and I haven’t always been the closest.

I was always a little envious of the other mother daughter relationships including the one my sister had with our mom. They were always closer.

In the last couple of years I was determined to work on that.

So this year with my newly acquired flight benefits, I am taking my mother on a mother daughter birthday trip

I honestly don’t have a location in mind yet. My only requirement is that it is somewhere we haven’t been yet.

Do you guys have any recommendations?!?!

Louis Vuitton 6 Key Holder

I saw Stella from Fly with Stella post this cutie a couple of times, and rave about about how much she loves it. So when I had a layover in Portland (no sales tax) I decided to grab it!

Thanks so much to Effy (Sales Associate at LV) for all your help. Also her mom is also a flight attendant!

So I have had this baby about a week, and I love it!

It keeps all my keys neat and orderly, and just helps to keep my purse/bag/backpack organized. I also appreciate that my keys aren’t scratching anything else because they are nicely tucked away.

Here is my unboxing of the little beauty.

Obsessed is an understatement!